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Hack The Hackathon: “Africa Builds”

posted Jul 1, 2013, 10:37 AM by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated Jul 1, 2013, 10:40 AM ]

(Hack The Hackathon) - An afternoon focus group and planning session HUB Westminster, London, July 6 2013, 3pm-6pm. 

Join us on July 6 from 3pm-6pm at HUB Westminster, as we investigate the application of crowdsourcing to improve data collection and accuracy, to raise public awareness and participation in health and education, and to harness the power of the independent developer community whose impact is boundless when its energy, passion, and industry is focused on our three core principles: Social Good, Sustainable Business, and Smarter Living. 

After our successful developer competitions in the USA and Europe, and especially in Istanbul and Algiers, it is clear to us that nowhere is the need for crowdsourced innovation greater than in the developing nations of Africa. 

Hackathons are a rapid and cost-effective way to bring awareness to the challenges that face the continent; to create systems that put an end to poverty and hunger; to realise the promise of sanitation, education, and infrastructure; and to repair the ravages of conflict, disaster, and abuse. 

Therefore, we propose to bring our proven programs to communities of aspiring engineers, entrepreneurs, and information architects throughout Africa. During our upcoming 48-hour Hackathon at HUB Westminster in London, Hack The Hackathon will host an exploratory information session and open discussion. 

Our goal in this session is to identify a core team of like-minded collaborators who want to inspire change among those most affected by and most able to combat the challenges facing the nations of Africa. Join us as we articulate the need and opportunity for Hackathons in Africa. Take a first-hand look at one of our Hackathons while it is in progress and engage in a conversation about how this forum can shape the future of a continent.